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How to build your brand with video marketing on social media

A practical entry level education where you learn how to build brand awareness and attract customers with video marketing. You will develop your skills to develop an effective marketing strategy, understand how vital video is for social media marketing and learn how to make your own professional films and edit them.


For those who have little experience in video marketing and wish to learn how to create video strategies and how to create videos to help them grow their businesses.


An entry level course where you will learn how you can leverage video marketing to build brand awareness, attract more leads and convert more customers online. You will learn scalable marketing strategies and have a roadmap on how you can grow your business through video marketing.

This course is split into 2 sections, strategy and practical. You will learn how to build video marketing strategies, how to build video marketing campaigns, set goals, choose your target audience and how to market videos. You will then learn how to create videos with your mobile phones and how to edit them from start to finish.

We will also show real life case studies on how small companies have used video marketing strategies to grow their brand and become global companies.

Video is the most powerful type of media any company can use. It is more effective than text, pictures and audio combined. In fact, executives at Facebook have admitted that due to the power of video, Facebook will become a 100% video only platform within 4 years.

Due to this, more and more companies are turning to video every day without completely understanding why and how they should use video in the best ways.

In this course you will learn;
• How to build your own video marketing strategy
• How to build video campaigns, set goals, target audiences and track results
• How video can be used to push leads down your sales & marketing funnels
• How to leverage video on your website and social media
• Real world examples of how companies have grown using video marketing
• Basic video making techniques
• How to make better videos using your mobile phone
• Basics of how to edit a video, from start to finish

By the end of the education, you will have learnt, why video is a powerful tool, how you can use it in effective ways and you will have made your first video.


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