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How to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

A practical intermediate level education where you learn how to edit videos from start to finish in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Marketing teams who are have some basic knowledge and experience creating videos and want
to learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.
(If you don’t have any experience but want to learn video marketing, filming with your mobile
phone and basics of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, check out our basics course, ‘Building your
brand with video marketing on social media’)


- Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Premiere Pro’s User Interface
- The film editing process from start to finish
- How to cut a video together
- How to add Graphics and branding
- How to animate graphics
- How to edit sound
- How to add sound effects
- How to add video effects and transitions
- How to add music
- How to edit to the music
- How to export videos